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2nd Dyno Session
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Sept 15th, 2006
I ended up going to the dyno on for some real street tuning. No leaded racing fuel, full exhaust, air filter on, fans on and 160F thermostat.
First Run of the night : 519HP – 478FtLb.
Just put it on the dyno, and see what it will run on the 100 unleaded octane street setting. That is the minimum octane this car ever sees. I didn’t notice how high of a boost I was running on the street until I took a look at the in car vid. I always thought I was around 29-30 PSI, but it ended up being 33 PSI. There was a bit more knock on the dyno, than I ever see on the street. It’s probably due to the fact that I was not getting proper airflow through the intercooler while on the dyno.

It ended up knocking around 3.7-3.9 degrees, (CEL light set at 4). It was a decent baseline pull. I also noticed that my timing curve before 4000 RPM is a lot lower on the dyno than it is on the street. Now that I look at it, I will be taking away fuel and raising timing before 4000 to enhance spool up.

In Car Video of 519 WHP Run

Second Run : 537HP – 486FtLb.

The only thing I changed on this was that I sprayed down the intercooler with water before the run. Coolant temps were a couple degrees lower on this run. 158F on this run vs. 162F on the other run. It knocked a bit less, allowing me to run 18-19 degree timing curve. The previous run only allowed 16-17 degrees.

2 Degrees of timing = 18 WHEEL HP!!!

Video of 537 WHP Run