1992 Talon Tsi AWD Project

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Luckily the stock 1G tank is a metal tank that can be modified into the sump style tank as seen below. 2G fuel tanks are made out of plastic and are not able to be modified safely.

The bottom of the tank was cut and a sump was welded on so that fuel will be available even during hard acceleration, braking or turning conditions.

The normal location of the in-tank pump is completely baffled so that fuel is always available at the intank fuel sock. The return line also dumps into this stock baffle location. This would prove to be a problem since I wanted the fuel to collect in the bottom sump, not inside the stock baffles. Holes were drilled in the baffles in the direction of the sump. This way the return line would still flow into the stock location, but the baffles now drained right into the sump.

Welded on to the outside of the sump are two -8AN outlet fittings. Summit Racing 40 micron inline filters act as a PRE-filter for two Bosch 044 inline pump that are plumbed in parallel to the fuel rail.

The 2 Bosch 044 pumps are wired together with one Stinger 80 Amp relay. This way, if the relay were to ever fail, both pumps would die simultaneously and the motor would stall. This is instead of having just one pump fail, resulting in a very dangerous lean condition at WOT.